Wednesday 27 March 2019

Dartmoor: Bagging Arch Tor

Arch Tor

Dubbed 'The Lonely Tor', Arch is one which could easily be missed from the road, despite it being within walking distance of it. This might be due to the more impressive (it has to be said) outcrops in the area dominating the scene; Longaford, Higher White and Littaford Tors to name but a few, forming a dramatic backdrop behind Powdermills.

However, the tor bagger in me, and Dartmoor enthusiast for that matter said enough's enough! A visit to Arch Tor had to be done, especially if I were to visit all of Dartmoor's tors.

Public Bridleway - Powdermills - Gunpowder Factory 1km

Parking, precariously, on the road from Two Bridges to Postbridge on a layby (SX 6370 7754), there can be found a gate which is part of the Lich Way. Through the gate, you immediately notice the recent improvements which have been made along this stretch of track.

Gate, looking to Higher White and Arch Tors

Whilst Arch Tor can be seen from the road, it has now disappeared over the brow of the hill. However, once the track becomes grassy (i.e much less distinct), bear right and ascend the gentle hill. You may feel as if you're heading to nowhere, which is partly true, but as you near the location the outcrop suddenly creeps up on you!

Nearing Arch Tor

This is a tor which requires a good close-up inspection; climbing atop the outcrop reveals at least two to three shallow rock basins, while the western face has the letters 'P.C' etched into the granite. We felt obliged to linger, seeking shelter from the wind.

Arch Tor rock basins

Arch Tor rock basin

Arch Tor 'P.C'

Arch Tor moss

Arch Tor

Arch Tor west face

Arch Tor

The walk back was easy, simply retracing our steps back to the car which was visible. A perfect little stroll, visiting a spot where only the dedicated and/or knowledgeable would go. 

Back at the car, we made for the FTC in Princetown for a small (in my eyes) snack.

FTC Cheesy Chips

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