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Little Mis Tor

I'm not the only person who has a deep passion for Dartmoor National Park and so below is a list of all those great, interesting websites that I read and/or use. They're a great alternative if you're bored reading my blog posts (which I completely understand) 😀

The below list contains a range of brilliant websites that I enjoy visiting; some are blogs, others photography websites and even a few websites endeavouring to document Dartmoor's wealth of archaeology.


Bleak House Ruin, aka Dunnagoat Cottage - built for the owner of the Rattlebrook Peat Works, upstream.

Other Maps 

You might've already seen that I have three pretty detailed maps, one of the Tors and Rocks of Dartmoor, one of the Tors and Rocks of Bodmin Moor, and one of the Artefacts on Bodmin Moor... but I do have more, two to be exact that are shown below:

UK Bench Marks That Still Exist!

The aim of this map is to document all of the OS Bench Marks that I have visited - not just those on Dartmoor which are helpfully documented on Dartefacts, but also those on Bodmin Moor (these will also appear on my Bodmin Moor Artefacts Map) and surrounding areas that don't fit into a particular category. There are quite a few in my local area that I need to check out and these will be documented on this map as and when I visit them. A lot of B.M.s currently do not have accompanying photographs and is very much a work in progress, and I admit I am behind in adding some to this map.

The Tors & Rocks of South-West Cornwall

The aim of my second map is to (try to) document as many outcrops, tors and rocks as possible in this area of the UK. Much of this beautiful granite plateau called Penwith is littered with craggy outcrops on the cliffs and I have decided to include some of these if they start at the top of the escarpment. Because of my location, this part of Cornwall is rarely visited by me, so I think others will benefit from this map more than I - but that's fine with me!

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