Bodmin Moor Artefacts



I've embarked on a little project, and it's one that I've been planning to do for quite some time now, well, ever since I've been walking on Bodmin Moor really. I introduce you to 'Bodmin Moor Artefacts', a Google Map whose aim is to document all of Bodmin Moor's Artefacts and points of interest. Dartmoor has 'Dartefacts' and I feel that Bodmin Moor is a little left out as it doesn't have the same incredible database of items. I know this map is nowhere near as coherent as Dartefacts and you can't 'tick things off' but it is a starting point that one day could turn into a website. So far I only have three items listed but no fear; not only will this map include tors (I have a separate one for these), but it will also have gateposts, quarries, ruins, mining activity and much, much more as it develops.

10-figure grid references will be provided for items if known, as well as brief descriptions and maybe even a photograph! Do not assume that a listed item is accessible to the public; always try to seek permission for features deemed to be on private land. 

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