Bodmin Moor Tors & Rocks Map

High Rock, on the west side of the Kilmar Tor ridge

Whilst Dartmoor is the place I visit more as it's closer and more convenient, I recently became hooked to Bodmin Moor too - another area of open moorland. It would seem that this stunning granite upland doesn't receive the recognition it deserves. This might be due to the fact it's not a National Park but still, some of the tors here are grander than what Dartmoor has to offer and rock basins are plentiful here - especially on Bearah Tor! For more information about this lesser-known wilderness, consider having a look at the Bodmin Moor a-droos Facebook Group.

All photos and descriptions are of my own work unless otherwise stated. Enjoy reading through each tor by just simply clicking or tapping on the desired outcrop. The information provided includes the bagging date and the blog post link.


Luckily, many tors in the AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) are open to the public all year round, but there are some exceptions that need to be heeded:

Military Training (Firing)

Military Training involving Firing takes place on Bodmin Moor on occasions frequently and it is up to the individual to check their website (link HERE) to ensure it's safe for you to visit that area, even if you're not tor bagging. There is one range at Millpool and this is clearly shown on OS Maps.

Private Land

Unlike Dartmoor where there are usually obvious walls and signs, Bodmin Moor has fences - and an abundance of them! What I understood from my first walk is that it is quite easy to wander into private land accidentally and because it is so much less walked than Dartmoor I must stress that Bodmin Moor is not a National Park; it is not like Dartmoor and you should ensure that you are on either a public right of way, permissive path or open access land when you visit. Do not block gates, park considerately, respect the land and always follow the Countryside Code. I am currently in the process of finding out which tors are deemed to be on private land, and so do not assume that all tors on the below map are legally accessible without permission. If you are able to help please get in touch; additionally if there are any tors missing and/or local names/pronunciations that I need to be aware of, do not hesitate to let me know. All information received will be acknowledged.


       = Public - as far as I'm aware (bagged)

       = Private (bagged)

       = Public - as far as I'm aware (unbagged)

       = Possible Unnamed Tors (unbagged)

Yes, I do know that Helman Tor and its neighbouring unnamed tor aren't on Bodmin Moor, but they must also be visited. Roche Rock also looks worthy of inclusion.

The Tors & Rocks of Bodmin Moor

A work in progress.

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