Thursday 15 February 2018

Dartmoor: Finding Nattadon Tor and Tunnaford Rocks

Nattadon Tor

Today's main focus was to bag two lesser-known tors photographed and named by the one and only Tim Jenkinson, that I had missed previously. I've walked this area loads, but never even considered a visit. That was all to change! 

As per usual I got off the bus in Chagford and embarked on my first ascent of the day up to Nattadon Common, but bearing right in search of Nattadon Tor. This was not easy; dead bracken with unknown holes in the ground made for hard progress, yet once I arrived at the path my objective was much more obvious.

Nattadon Tor

It's amazing that I scarcely noticed this high lump of granite protruding from the steep hill, as I always view the common from Meldon Hill. I was pleased to be visiting, with a nice granite outcrop on the hillside with great views of Cosdon Hill.

Ascending Nattadon Common

Now Nattadon Common does have a couple low lying granite outcrops on the summit, this moment in time I inexplicably forgot to photograph, which is unlike me. I took the road all the way to Weddicott, then up to the small Car Park at the base of Meldon Hill. 

Pony on the way to Weddicott

Nattadon Common

I didn't climb yet, though, as I contoured the hill to a lovely find named as Tunnaford Rocks. Above Tunnaford Cross there is a large clitter field, likely remains of a ruined tor, that is noticeable from the road. Tim Jenkinson appropriately named this and is well worth a visit. 

Such outcrops include a large overhang lower down the slopes and one of the best rock basins on Dartmoor - funny that Kes Tor (housing the largest) is nearby. The upper outcrops are also beautiful.  

Tunnaford Rocks

Tunnaford Rocks

Rock Basin, Tunnaford Rocks

Rock Basin, Tunnaford Rocks

Then on a wide footpath lay the short trip to Meldon Hill, one of my favourite hills. Speculated to be named Meldon Hill Tors, due to the large and spread out outcrops of the tor, the views are fabulous! It was then a steep descent down to Padley Common. I like going down, but I find ascending easier. It means I don't go sliding down the hill in 20 minutes.

Meldon Hill East Tor

Meldon Hill Summit

Frederick Painter Plaque Meldon Hill Trig Point

Meldon Hill North-West Tor

Meldon Hill North Tor

Meldon Hill North-West Tor

Letterbox, Meldon Hill North-West Tor

Freezing on Meldon Hill

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