Saturday 20 January 2018

Dartmoor: Ten Tors Training Walk 5 - Postbridge to Meldon Dam (16 miles)

Sunset over West Mill and Yes Tors

Well what a walk this was going to be. I was somewhat dreading it but then also came a sense of excitement. Set off at Postbridge at about 9:15, again in the mist, skirting the base of Hartland Tor, then over to Grey Wethers Stone Circles and Long Ridge, down then up the side of Manga Hill, through Watern Tor, over Walla Brook taking tracks and Elephant Grass to reach Okement Hill. What lovely shelter! Near East Mill Tor and within seconds sun appeared and visibility was perfect. I felt that as a sense of achievement and found the cutest Foal too.

A very sentimental walk for me and one that I'll never forget.

Fernworthy Gate. I had just gone arse-over-tit and almost dropped out

The Thirlstone at Watern Tor

The Thirlstone at Watern Tor

Steeperton Tor and East Mill Tor
Belstone Common and Cosdon Hill

The foal and its mother?!

Pony and Belstone Common

Foal and Halstock Hill

A couple dropped out at Rowtor but I was feeling more energetic?! So, the rest of the team and I tried to ford Moor Brook but it was impassable, so we were forced to use the Irish Bridge. Off the road, we continued up and over Black Down with a stunning sunset over the moors and Okehampton.

West Mill Tor and Yes Tor

Sheep on Black Down

Stunning sunset over Sourton Tors

It was well worth the effort once we crossed Meldon Reservoir where we were greeted with photos and cheering, almost like the actual event, but in the darkness. We were all shattered!

Meldon Dam is overflowing

The team at Meldon Dam - photo courtesy of Coombeshead Academy. My eyes are closed because of the torches' bright lights.

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